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About Idalia:
Idalia del Carmen is 45 years old and lives in the town of Tránsito, located in the San Miguel department. She is a single mother with two children who depend on her for support. She sells tamales and clothing on foot.

She began this business by her own initiative because she needed work and her children help her with the business. She needed a loan in order to invest in clothing: shirts, skirts, pants, dresses, children's clothing etc. She is considering selling these items on foot in order to obtain better sales. This loan will allow her to continue her business, satisfy her customer demand, offer new styles of clothing, and increase her income. She hopes to grow her business, support her children, and provide economic stability for them.

The following is a letter we received from Idalia:
I am extremely gratitude for the loan, I believe that it has been a great help to advance the business and a good investment that allowed my sales to improve. Most of all it has been a huge contribution to my family. My children will greatly benefit from your help; So far I have not had trouble making my payments and my health is in perfect condition to continue fighting for the welfare of my home.

Thank you.

A letter we received from one of our partners who make the whole micro-lending possible, this letter was sent on behalf of Idalia to notify us of her success:
Mrs. Idalia, through the good administration of the loan has finished paying her dues and is requesting a new one today, so thank you for the loan, that was a great support to herself and her business.

She thanks you and hopes to have this help for a long time.

As long as TheNakedHippie brand exists, she will.

Be a part of something big, Be remarkable, Wear remarkable.

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PS: Since this note TheNakedHippie has given another loan to Idalia, this time allowing her to expand her tamales business.